"The enlarged seam gives it a nice handle to help slide it onto the pipe. I then just fold it in half and slide it behind the passenger seat, pull it out when we stop and make the passenger stay in the car until I slip it on." "...it functions well to remove the burn possibility both entering and exiting the car, it guards against burns and is highly visible with a concise warning, it is simple "KISS" (Keep It Simple, Stupid), and compact."
Garry D. - San Diego, CA.

"My interest was piqued after using The Pipes Are Hot sleeve on my hot rod, and I was able to observe the production of this product. First I noticed the high quality of the materials, all the top grade cloth, and even the thread is special. Secondly, each step in the manufacturing process is controlled, inspected, and finished with the greatest care. Having seen the production of The Pipes Are Hot, I'm at ease in recommending them for my friend's cars as an attractive, well-made safety device."
Bob Robb, President
Quality Marine Products, LLC