Sidepipe Thermal Sleeves

Thermal Sleeves


These thermal sleeves, constructed of a silvermeta-aramid fiber (Nomex) facecloth and an aramid fiber (Kevlar) batt, are intended to prevent burns from incidental contact with the FFR roadster sidepipes when entering or exiting the vehicle. The bright red text "The Pipes are HOT" screen printed on the sleeves provide a written warning as well as spicing up the appearance of the sleeves. Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 500F, the thermal sleeves fit FFR roadsters from the MKI through MKIV. The thermal sleeves easily slide on the sidepipes, fold flat for storage, and can be machine washed.

Thermal Sleeves


With peak temperatures of over 450F measured below the doors on a stock 5.0 EFI engine after a normal cruise, the risks of burning either myself or passengers was too great to ignore. I looked at the perforated metal guards available on the market but preferred the appearance of the sidepipes without the guard. I looked at various options such as retractable flaps but couldn't come up with a design that I liked.


The thermal sleeve price of $65 each (plus tax if applicable) includes regular USPS ground shipment to anywhere in the continental US.